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A Definition of Play Work
The term 'play work' is often associated with "Play Worker." We see play work as an activity that uses play to engage children safely when their parents or carers cannot be present to look after them and/or to help them to learn.

The objectives of play work are not therapeutic, although some therapeutic benefit may occur as a secondary effect. The role of the provider is one of care and support. Play Workers do not normally receive or need clinical supervision.

Another example of the difference with therapeutic play is the use of games. Normally in play work games are played where rules are applied. In therapeutic play the child may make up, use and change the rules.

Play work may also be used in nursery or primary schools to assist the educational process.

Play therapy may be used to augment a play work service.

See also: Play, Therapeutic Play, Filial Therapy, Play Therapy, Child Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (CPCP) & The Play Continuum

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