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In-House & Local Group Training
The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) provides in-house play therapy training in Ireland at an organisation's site or at a convenient location for a group.

The advantages are:
  • Fully accredited programmes using proven course content delivered by experts in their field
  • Training at a convenient place and time - especially for those who prefer weekdays
  • Only local travel - less distance, time and cost
  • Less time away from home
  • Affinity with other group members
  • Training may be more closely aligned with organisation's needs
  • Cost benefits from economies of scale and use of existing facilities
Local Group Training

APAC's course material is available for in-house training programmes. These may range from one day introductory workshops to full Certificate and Diploma courses. The course content is tailored to the learning objectives of the organisation and integrated with other learning methods.

Normally a group of 8 - 12 is optimum for cost and effectiveness. However APAC has presented a half day workshop to over 40 delegates and run a 5-day intensive training course in therapeutic play skills for 80 participants. Examples are:

  • LEA Behaviour Service
A series of introductory workshops followed by a one-year, part time Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills for Educational Psychologists and teaching staff
  • Local Counselling Services
One day introductory workshops - using therapeutic play skills to work with children and families
  • Education Authority
Six month Certificate programme, over six weekends, for primary and nursery school teachers.
  • Special Needs School
One day workshop for Teaching Assistants focussing on  dealing with playground behaviour.
  • Care Home
Six month Certificate programme, over 12 weekdays for Care Workers and Supervisors.
  • University
Half day seminar with practical exercises introducing the therapeutic play continuum to a Childhood Studies course.
  • Family Counselling Service
One day workshop for adult Counsellors - introduction to using therapeutic play with children and families.

APAC's course material is also available for local group training programmes.  These may range from half day introductory workshops to full Certificate and Diploma courses.  The training may be focussed on any special requirements that the group may have.  A group may be made up of an Organiser and independent individuals or members of organisations.

A group of 8 - 12 is optimum for cost and effectiveness for the Certificate and Diploma programmes.

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