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Accessing a Play Therapist or Practioner of Therapeutic Play
There are two main ways of accessing a play therapist or a practitioner of therapeutic play:  Using an independent  play therapist or practitioner (to whom you will have to pay a fee) or  a therapist whose services are fully or partly funded by a local authority children's,  education, social, or health services, a charity or some other agency. Consult a doctor if the child has a severe mental health problem.

Using an independent PTIrl registered play/creative arts therapist
  1. Check the location of your nearest PTIrl member from the list below - then email
  2. Please note that play therapy is an emerging profession in Ireland and that some of our members are completing their training to become a PTI Certified Play Therapist
  3. Ask the therapist to carry out an assessment, then agree the objectives of the therapy, number of sessions and fees.

Play Therapy Ireland has members in the following counties/cities:
Co Cavan Co Kerry Co. Mayo Co Wicklow
Co. Clare Co Kildare Co Meath Cork City
Co Cork Co Killkenny Co Tipperary Dublin
Co Donegal Co Laois Co. Waterford Limerick
Co Dublin Co Longford Co Westmead Sligo
Co. Galway Co. Louth Co Wexford Wexford

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